The business models of the Internet


In this chapter we will focus on the business models that we find in the Internet markets, trying to identify the models used today by companies that do business thanks to online in the IT, Intermediary and Content layers of our LIIF framework.

In 1998, Business Model Classification for e-commerce was discussed for the first time, and from there a substantial literature on Internet business models developed. Since 1998 and in the following years it was understood how the various theories on the classification of Business Models (typological classifications) were too specific and that on the contrary, in order to be universally accepted and above all applied, a more general classification (taxonomic classification) of Business Model.

Also in this case there is no universally accepted taxonomy of business models, and even on the very concept of business model there is no universally shared definition or framework.

To give the reader a satisfactory overview of the existing models on the Internet, we first analyzed the existing literature and then, based on the conclusions we reached, we drafted our own classification system.