The Internet Economics seminar held by Prof. Cellini will be held at LUISS in the second semester of the academic year.

Registration must be completed by 28 October. The information and the program are available at the Business and Management Department (the seminar program can be found here).

Subscriptions for seminars must be sent by e-mail to and must have the subject “Seminar registration”.

You must specify in the text:

  • student’s name and surname;
  • badge number;
  • phone number;
  • Degree course / specialization;
  • title of the Seminar Cycle chosen.

Each Seminar Cycle will be divided into 8/10 meetings of a maximum of 3 hours each; the calendar of meetings for each Seminar Cycle will be communicated in good time before the start of the lessons.

In order for the credits to be recognized, it is necessary to attend 80% of the meetings of each single Seminar Cycle and be eligible for a final exam (the method of which will be defined by each teacher).

The course slides can be downloaded from the following link: Internet Economics 2013 Seminar