Taxonomy of Internet Products and Services

In every modern industry there exists the need to represent the products creating a taxonomy of production, even for statistical purposes and economic. To this end, finding nothing in the current academic literature exhaustive, steps were taken in an attempt to make one.

To try to classify the products and services that insist on Internet domain, have been used as criteria for the distinction of types:

  • Visibility to the end user (if the product / service is for the end user),
  • Content, (if the product / service to be provided needs to have content),
  • Technology, (the level of technology required to deliver the product / service).

Based on these criteria can we go down to deepen the typological analysis in greater depth and going to identify:

  • Website
    • Content website
    • E-Commerce website
    • Social website
  • Technological Platform:
    • Search
    • Productivity
    • CMS
    • Communication
  • Services for sites / platforms
    • Creative Services
    • Adv Services
    • Infrastructure Services
    • Security Services
    • Analytics Services

The appendix further exploded the taxonomic categories, identifying for each item, and a description of illustrative example.